Jimmy Silver Jewelry Customized Processing Process

Jimmy Silver Jewelry Customized Processing Process

Jimmy Silver Jewelry Customized Processing Process

The following is a summary of the Jimmy Silver Jewelry processing process, which involves creating custom silver jewelry pieces using a combination of 3D and 2D design techniques, as well as traditional hand drawing methods.

  1. 3D Design: Create a 3D model of the jewelry piece using a software programthat can output an *.stl file format (e.g., Blender, Rhino, or 3ds Max).
  2. 2D Design: Create a 2D designof the jewelry piece in a vector graphics software that can output a *.jcd file format (e.g., Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW).
  3. Hand Drawing: Sketch a hand drawing of the jewelry piece, providing a detailed and artistic representation of the design.
  4. Detailed Size: Provide accurate dimensions and measurements of the jewelry piece, including its length, width, height, and thickness.
  5. Designer: Our jewelry designers will convert your hand-drawn or

2D drawings into 3D for customers to confirm, Collaborate with a professional jewelry designer to refine the design and ensure its feasibility for production.

  1. Design Mold: Create a sterling silver jewelry mold of the design using 3D printing, wax, or other suitable material.
  2. Design Fixture: Develop a fixture or jig to hold the jewelry piece in place during the manufacturing process.
  3. Processing Techniques: Utilize various processing techniques, such as casting, polishing, and 18K Gold and Rhodium plating, to create the final jewelry piece.
  4. Confirm: Review the finished piece to ensure it meets the design specificationsand quality standards.
  5. Process Sample: Create a sample of the finalized design to be sent to the customer for approval.
  6. Package: We will use our regular plastic bag packaging, and we also accept custom packaging gift boxes. (We will custom and purchase these packaging gift boxes from other factories)
  7. Send to Customer: Ship 2pcs the first samplesto the customer for their review and confirmation.
  8. Customer Confirmation: Receive feedback from the customer, and make any necessary adjustments to the design or manufacturing process.
  9. Place Order Again: Once the customer is satisfied with the sample, they can place a bulk order for the jewelry pieces.
  10. Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ): The minimum order quantity for this process is 50 pieces.

By following these steps, Jimmy Silver Jewelry ensures that each custom jewelry piece is designed and produced to meet the highest quality standards while also meeting the unique needs and preferences of the customer.

How to Purchase:

Visit  online to our official website to purchase the 18K Gold Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Necklace 

Email: jimmys925@jimmyjewellry.com

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